PKMN Violet & Scarlet Sandvich crafter

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Use this by changing the qty of a given ingredient or seasoning in the tables.

The page will calculate the following things:

  1. # of trainers required (when using >6 ingredients or >4 seasonings)
  2. Total values in sandwich
  3. Sandwich effects

This is NOT 100% accurate. The first effect is usually accurate, but the second and third effects seem more related to meal power boosts than flavours.

Additionally it will NOT work at all for Herba Mystica sandwiches, because I haven't written it to take account of sparkling power yet.

Probably DON'T use this for anything other than getting simple level 1 effects.

Refresh page (ctrl+shift+r) to clear the sandwich you're working on

Number of trainers required: 1

Sandwich values:

Possible sandwiches:


FoodTastesMeal Power BoostsType BoostsQty


FoodTastesMeal Power BoostsType BoostsQty

L41rx on twitter
Serebii sandwich ingredients list
Custom Sandwich mechanincs (?)

A number of possible sandwiches are output because on equal values of certain boosts, I assume the game just picks on at random to use. "Possible sandwiches" won't list every possible output, but can be used to check if there's some randomness involved.
If the sandwiches output are all the same effects, in game, it should be likely to provide the same result (at least for the first effect...)

Algorithm for this page makes a sorted list of each effect, determines boost effect from highest flavours, boost pokemon type from highest type value, and the level from the meal power bonus

This is generally how it determines the first sandwich effect, but second and third are calculated differently... and I don't know how yet :)